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Marhaba! Welcome to Sin Nombre Studios blog. I hope to share here my thoughts and experience about the sound recording trade in Doha, Qatar.

When I first arrived in Qatar, I was a performing musician, and I found it incredibly difficult to find a place to record band demos or even my own songs. Forget the recording, I couldn't always get a decent sound engineer to set up the PA system. So I had learn that bit myself (not that I regret it). Later, when I decided to start my own recording studio I discovered how precious little information is available about the music field, recording gear, etc. I'm starting this blog in hope of changing this. If you are a Doha-based musician, a recording artist, a sound engineer or simply a geeky listener who likes to use headphone amps when listening to Spotify then I hope you'll find my short articles useful.

Of course, I welcome comments and useful information you'd like to share with the rest of the community. Subscribe to stay tuned with the industry trends!

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